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Praise for the Shad Hadid series

“A heart-warming, mouth-watering tale packed to the brim with humor, action, and culinary delights. Alchemizing the magic school trope with traditional Lebanese culture, author George Jreije creates a rich one-of-a-kind world that readers won’t want to leave.”

Soman Chainani, New York Times bestselling author of The School for Good and Evil series

"A heartfelt adventure rooted deeply in culture, Shad Hadid tugged at my heartstrings, made me laugh, and dazzled me with the ultra cool magic-science of alchemy!"

Xiran Jay Zhao, #1 New York Times bestselling author of the Iron Widow and Zachary Ying series


"Alexandria Academy offers a fresh take on magic schools with dark secrets, and Shad and his friends, most of whom are Middle Eastern and North African, are engaging. A refreshing adventure featuring family, friendship, and the power of creating new recipes."

Kirkus Reviews

 “This fast-paced middle-grade fantasy introduces an immediately likable protagonist in Shad, whose humor and love for his family resonate throughout the novel and whose interest in baking is delightful as well as useful. . . Readers will long to return to the Alexandria Academy.”

 — Booklist

“A warm addition to the magical school genre, this duology opener foregrounds developing friendships among the mostly Arab or North African student body, Shad’s pride in his heritage and talents, and above all, his funny, sensitive voice.”

Publishers Weekly


"Shad Hadid is a hero unlike any other. His journey of friendship and self-discovery satisfied me as much as a good dessert."

Sarah Kapit, author of Get a Grip, Vivy Cohen!


"Shad pulls readers in with his sharp wit and delicious baked goods, taking them on an action-packed adventure filled with intrigue and hijinks. Get ready to dive into the immersive world of alchemy!" 

Adrianna Cuevas, author of the Pura Belpré Honor book The Total Eclipse of Nestor Lopez


"A magical and enthralling adventure, George Jreije conjures a truly magnificent tale of intrigue, loss, humor, and, most importantly, the courage of a young boy to fully recognize his potential as a powerful alchemist. I can't WAIT for Arab boys to get the representation they deserve!" 

Jamar J. Perry, author of Cameron Battle and the Hidden Kingdoms


"In this action-packed, funny, heartfelt story, Shad stands up to everyone from middle school bullies to necromancers. Here comes a brave new hero that kids will adore!" 

Katie Zhao, author of The Dragon Warrior and the Winnie Zeng series


"A refreshing new fantasy with a perfect mix of modern humor and Arabian mythology. Perfect for Percy Jackson fans looking for something fresh and new but with the same snarky sense of humor and fast, quirky friends."

Chris Abouzeid, Belmont Books (Belmont, MA)

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