Editing Services

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“George was professional, courteous with his review, fast, and, most importantly, his comments on my work helped me to "re-vision" my work in ways that were important to the story I was telling and the world I was creating.”
-Jamar J. Perry, Author of the Cameron Battle series (Bloomsbury)

“He has the perfect balance of critique and praise. After he had edited my work, I had a clear direction of where to go and I felt confident going forward. I highly recommend George.”
-Janelle McCurdy, Published Author of The Lightcasters series (Simon & Schuster)

"Working with George was a wonderful experience. His edits were thorough, thoughtful, and incredibly helpful. I can’t recommend him enough!"
-Chelsea Abdullah, Published Author of The Stardust Thief (Orbit)

“George Jreije is not only a fantastic editor with an eye for detail, but he also offers unabashed encouragement to the writers he works with. His feedback helped me restructure the opening chapters of my manuscript with a clear sense of direction, and I landed an agent shortly after!”
-T.C. Kemper, Agented Author

“He worked with me on lots of big picture elements in my novel, such as pacing, developing conflict, finding moments to deepen character, as well as very comprehensive line editing. My manuscript was much stronger after working with him. Five stars! Highly recommended.”
-Alexandra Otto, Agented Author

Services Offered

Developmental Editing: The gold-star premium of big-picture edits. This service includes developmentally focused editorial notes (notes on the margins of the manuscript itself) as well as a detailed long-form letter that examines all major elements of crafting a novel.

Editorial Assessment: The bird’s-eye view. Don't want to commit to a full developmental edit? An editorial assessment might be the fit for you. You'll receive broad-strokes insight on your manuscript so you know what’s working and what’s not in a succinct longform letter.

Line Editing: We dig into your manuscript and hone in on word choice, readability, inconsistencies, cadence, tone, style, and use of language on a sentence-by-sentence level. Line Edits are done via track changes.

Author Coaching: We'll work from concept to complete first draft of a manuscript in weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly sessions. Author coaching packages typically begin with a brainstorming session, followed by an outline. Then, we move on to writing the draft, chapter by chapter. Whether you’re looking for help with craft, accountability, or someone to cheer you on, this may be the service for you.

Query Letter Critiques: Let me help you pique an agent’s interest. I will leverage my experience as a published author to help you to craft a query letter that will help sell an agent on reading the novel you’ve worked so hard to perfect all these months/years/decades.