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George is the Lebanese-American author of SHAD HADID AND THE ALCHEMISTS OF ALEXANDRIA, a forthcoming children's fantasy novel with HarperCollins. He has also written short stories published in collaboration with UNICEF. When not writing, George mentors other writers and works as a freelance editor. He also enjoys trying tasty Arabic pastries, messing with new yoga poses, and connecting with others, so don't hesitate to reach out!

*If you are looking for LQ and my PitchWars Wishlist, scroll to the bottom or click here*

For any inquiries, questions, or requests for editing services, you can reach me on my social channels linked above or through the form below!

Literary Agent: Jennifer Azantian at Azantian Literary

Film Agent: Kim Yau at Echo Lake Entertainment

George and LQ’s PitchWars Wishlist :)

Welcome, everyone! We’re so excited to have you here and humbled that you’d consider our duo. Since you’re probably checking out several of these, we won’t waste your time and get right to the fun stuff.

PitchWars is a mentoring opportunity where you’ll send a submission package to four mentors (each single or duo counts as one). They will read and provide two rounds of revisions across a couple of months prior to an agent showcase in which you have the exclusive chance to get an agent’s attention.

LQ Nguyen (he/him): a Vietnamese-American middle-grade fantasy writer and George Jreije’s first critique partner. LQ brings expertise and a keen editorial eye, with skills in writing multiple points of view and character development. Last year, his PW mentee received two agent offers of representation!

George Jreije (he/him): a Lebanese-American middle-grade fantasy and science fiction writer and a friend to the legendary LQ Nguyen. His first novel (add on Goodreads!) was acquired at auction by HarperCollins, and he is also a former PW mentee himself. He’s helped several authors find their agents, two through mentoring competitions like this!

Together, we make the silliest duo in all of PitchWars, though we get down to business when it matters most. To see the wishlists of other mentors, head back to the Pitch Wars post to see the complete list of mentors.

Now, our wishlist is as follows:

  1. Science fiction and fantasy that can take place both in our world and outside it

  2. Heroes who conquer their fears to do what’s right

  3. Twisty and unexpected storylines

  4. Lots and lots of tasty treats and pastries

  5. Thrillers and unforgettable adventures

  6. Interesting villains

  7. Strong friendship and/or family

  8. Stories that are humorous but can explore deep themes

  9. Diverse representation not required, but welcomed :)

Things that are a tougher sell for us are:

  1. Horror and romance

  2. Contemporary stories without a speculative element

  3. Excessive violence and/or animal cruelty

  4. Chapter books (books aimed at ages 6-8); less than 40,000 words

  5. Historical, unless it has a fantasy or science fiction element

  6. Books about a marginalization you don’t share

Some books we love:

  1. Sal and Gabi Break the Universe

  2. The Total Eclipse of Nestor Lopez

  3. Ghost Squad

  4. The Aru Shah Books

  5. Amari and the Night Brothers

  6. Dragon Pearl

*We do ask for a lot of trust from our mentees, so if you are not ready to do heavy revisions on your novel, we may not be the right mentors for you*

Thanks for reading! Again, to see the wishlists of other mentors, head back to the Pitch Wars post to see the complete list.